Dear Janie,

My husband Jorge and I are in our twenties and have been married for 3 years. Our son, Thomas, is 6 months old. Jorge works as a Materials Manager at a large manufacturer, and I’m considering going back to work. We’re trying to save to buy a home and hopefully have more children in the future. Before Tommy was born, I worked at a hospital in Medical Records. I’ve got good computer skills. I pay our bills online, shop online and stay in touch with family and friends online. I’ve been using the MyPHD service to track my pregnancy and now I maintain one for Tommy too. We try to eat healthy and stay fit. So far, neither of us has had any significant health issues and Tommy is healthy, too. I try to cut corners every way possible to meet our financial goals and using the PHR is helping me track what we spend on health and care. I’m interested in making some additional money. Is being a Janie Appleseed Network representative something I could do part-time?



Dear Sara,

Congratulations to you and Jorge on the birth of your son. I’m glad you’re finding the MyPHD PHR easy to use and helpful for tracking your family’s health and care. Providing education and support for members of the Janie Appleseed Network offers a lot of flexibility which works well for parents with children. You can visit our website at to find out more about this option. Or, register for one of our live chat sessions where you can meet members of the Janie Appleseed Network team and find out how they are maintaining life balance between home and work. You can sign up here.

Be well,