Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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General: Do I need to be a member before I can take advantage of the Janie Appleseed Network education and services?

There are public events you can attend without being a member of the Janie Appleseed Network, but the other education and services require you to become a member of our community. Get your FREE Janie Appleseed Network membership HERE.

General: When I join Janie Appleseed Network, what should I expect my learning and practical experience to be like?

Janie Appleseed Network offers education and services with a neighbor-to -neighbor feel. We are a team of skilled but ordinary people who sincerely want to meet you where you’re currently at and walk forward together toward new IT skills and greater health literacy. We strive to understand your IT challenges and help you to overcome them as you create your PHR.

General: What computer skills do I need before getting started?

Janie Appleseed Network offers resources and educational events that are helpful to novice as well as more experienced computer users.  You may want to schedule a consult so we can help you determine the best path for getting started. Click HERE to request a consult.

General: What device(s) should I currently possess to be able to benefit from Janie Appleseed Network information and training?

If you know how to use a PC, Mac or Smart Phone to navigate to websites and use web applications, then you can use your computer or mobile phone. If you need basic assistance operating a device, then you may want to get started at your local library or other location where additional computer assistance may be available.

Services: When I join Janie Appleseed Network, what member services will become available to me?

Soon, MyPHD Direct Secure Messaging and MyPHD PHR services will be available to JAN members by monthly subscription.

MyPHD Direct Secure Messaging services will enable you to easily and safely share personal health information back and forth with your care team members. Click here to order MyPHD Direct Secure Messaging.

MyPHD PHR services will allow you to organize, view and extract personal health information from a single user interface. Click here to order MyPHD PHR Services.

Services: What does a Janie Appleseed Network consultation include?

A Janie Appleseed Network representative will contact you to learn more about your needs and interests. Based on the information gleaned, we will help you determine the best way to get started and help you get registered for a helpful event. The representative also will show you around the resources available on the Member Home Page and teach you how to access the Janie Appleseed Network on-line events.

Services: When will the the MyPHD PHR service be available to Janie Appleseed Network Members?

Janie Apple Network is working to confirm the MyPHD PHR service will include PHR technology that meets the privacy, security, and consumer control requirements we have established.  If you are interested in being an early adopter to help test and provide input that will influence the capabilities of this new PHR technology, add yourself to the list of Janie Appleseed Members interested in piloting new PHR technology.  Pre-order your MyPHD PHR service HERE.

Events: What events are available to Janie Appleseed Network members?

Janie Appleseed Networks offers members participation in educational webinars about a broad array of topics on health literacy and health information technology, including single presenter, panel, and roundtable formats. We also offer open chat sessions where consumers can ask questions and discuss topics important to them and office hours that are drop-in sessions for members to discuss a specific question in greater detail. The open chat sessions are facilitator lead, but the topics covered depend completely on the group in attendance. Office hours allow the participants to drive the conversation.

Our on-line events occur using GoToWebinar and require a simple reservation process. For assistance learning how to join a webinar, click HERE.

Events: Where can I go to learn more about health literacy and Janie Appleseed Network?

The Janie Appleseed Network offers events that are open to the public. Live events typically include a presentation of information about health literacy and the use of consumer controlled health information technology, discussion session that allows participants to apply the information discussed to their day-to-day lives, and a pratical activity to reinforce learning.  These live workshop presentations provide a chance to meet others with similar interests in health IT, health literacy, and consumer engagement.

Resources: When I join Janie Appleseed Network, what activities are available to members?

Public events are open to all, but as a member of the Janie Appleseed Network you also can register for additional on-line events, subscribe to PHR services, and sign up to be an early adopter of PHR solutions. You will have the opportunity to share your perspectives on holistic health and tell the story of your experience with Health IT. The Janie Appleseed Network will support you to expand your health literacy and learn to use new consumer Health IT technology. You also will have the opportunity to add your support to petitions, and take part in surveys.

Resources: What information can Janie Appleseed Network members access on the website?

The Janie Appleseed Network provides a combination of recourses we’ve developed and pointers to resources that have been developed by other organizations. The Member Home Page simply organizes and provides access to a variety of informational documents, tip sheets, videos and other communities that may be useful for thinking about health holistically, developing greater health literacy. You will also find information that help you connect to other like minded communities and find help from sources of support in your area.

Opportunities: How could I become part of the team supporting Janie Appleseed Network in my area?

JAN is looking for Janies. You could apply to become an officially certified JAN Janie and use your new skills to pass along to others all the same benefits you enjoy by being a JAN Member. Monetary compensation is also provided. Contact us at [email protected]