Divorced, Not Disconnected

Dear Janie,

I am a divorced woman in my mid-forties. I have a teenage son who lives primarily with his father. My son has ADHD and requires medication, but his father doesn’t take responsibility for the needed medications and follow-up with our son’s doctors. It is a struggle for me to keep track of the medication, appointments and prescription refills to be sure there isn’t a lapse in my son’s care. I need a way to communicate with as little personal contact as possible with my ex-husband to coordinate and manage my son’s care plan. Can a personal health record be an effective communication and information management tool between divorced parents and our child’s care providers?


Divorced, Not Disconnected

Dear Divorced, Not Disconnected,

A PHR to work together more smoothly. Granting both you and your Ex access to your son’s PHR would help ensure your son gets the medications required to help him perform successfully in school and life. It would provide a way to be in close communication without the personal contact that may cause problems.

Also, your time would not be wasted struggling to make last minute appointments because medication refills can’t be ordered when prescriptions have run out. The refill timing information would be equally visible to both of you. You wouldn’t have to take as much time off from work to manage this situation.

Using a PHR would make it easier for you and your Ex to work together on your son’s care, despite the divorce. It could be a good way to reduce family stress and relationship strains, while improving quality of care for your son.

Be well,