A Message from the President

Today we are reminded that initiatives like the Janie Appleseed Network support goals for health and care that stem from the top. In his letter dated September 26th, 2016, our President writes, “When clinicians, researchers, individuals, and families have access to the tools, information, and resources they need, everyone can lead safer and healthier lives. During National Health IT Week, we recommit ourselves to improving the health of our citizenry using the breakthrough technologies of our time and reaching for the next frontier of innovation.”

He points out the work that has been done to clarify an individual’s legal right to access their health information and transmit it where they choose. He also admits there is more to be done to realize a healthcare system that fits each of our needs.

It’s good to be reminded how important our efforts are to educate consumers and provide the kind of services people need to use health information technology to live healthier lives.

Here’s the link to read the full letter from the President.

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